Discover one of the most eagerly awaited festivals of the year on the island and join the inhabitants of Mallorca in welcoming the summer season on the night of San Juan 2019.

What is San Juan night?

The night of San Juan is a festivity that is celebrated every year throughout Spain, but it is in the areas bordering the Mediterranean where you live with more joy, superstition and fun. Especially in the Balearic Islands.

San Juan is celebrated every 23rd of June at night, it coincides with the shortest night of the year and with it 100% summer is welcomed.

The beaches and coves all over Mallorca are filled with music, bonfires, candlelight circles and over all groups of friends and families who want to spend a magical night in company.

Where to celebrate San Juan?

Being in Mallorca you will not have any problem to find a place to celebrate San Juan, but we will recommend 2 areas where you can go.


It is the most popular area to celebrate San Juan. The beaches of Magaluf and Palmanova are filled with hundreds of young people who take advantage of the proximity of the discotheques and pubs in the area to party after midnight. The big families also have space in this area, as it is one of the closest to Palma to enjoy the atmosphere of that night. A blanket of candles fills the beaches creating a fascinating picture.


The best option for those who do not want to leave the city. In Palma you can continue to enjoy the beach along the entire Palma beach coast to continue the tradition, but you can also enjoy activities such as dimonis (demons in Spanish) in the Parc de la Mar and concerts that last until the early hours of the morning.

What to eat in San Juan?

In Mallorca there is no typical dish that is prepared for that night. During that night people usually roast (only in the areas set aside for that use) or take typical foods such as cocas de trampó, empanadas de atún, tortillas de patata, pollo empanado. 

If you want to try something typical of the fiesta of San Juan, we invite you to try the coca de Bamba, also known as the Coca de San Juan, a typical coca from Menorca that is consumed during this fiesta.

Traditions of the night of San Juan

As we have commented before, San Juan night, is a night of superstition and magic. Each person has their beliefs and "spells" that they practice on that night. We will tell you the most typical, if you want to practice some.

Jump Bonfires: It is said that if you jump between 6 to 9 times a bonfire on the night of San Juan by the hand of a loved one, it will bring you luck throughout the year.

Entry into the sea: At 00:00 hours you must enter the water with your back, while you make a wish and get your feet wet.

The Lanterns: Write a wish, hook it on a lantern and let it go. The higher the lantern, the more possibilities there are to fulfill your wish.


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