Discover the most hidden corners of the Llevant area in Mallorca in three days.

Are you looking for an idyllic destination, with a wonderful climate, good atmosphere, good gastronomy, beaches with crystal-clear water, natural landscapes and dreamlike sunsets? 

Well, let us tell you that you don't have to go far... the Balearic Islands meet all the requirements you are looking for.

Although they all do, Mallorca is the most complete, and not because we live here! Mallorca is sun, beach and party, but it is also culture, history and gastronomy. 

If you are thinking of travelling to Mallorca, we recommend that you organise it well in advance. In summer, it is one of the favourite tourist destinations par excellence and it is likely that if you book at the last minute the prices will be exorbitant or you will not be able to visit certain places... As with everything in life, prevention is better than cure!

Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands, so you should spend at least a week there. This way, you will have time to enjoy and rest in equal parts... Both are equally important. However, we are aware that not everyone can enjoy a whole week's holiday.

That's why in this post we bring you everything you should visit in Mallorca in 3 days, and don't forget that you can adapt it to your own taste!

Plans in Majorca

By coming to enjoy the island for only three days, we will focus on a specific area as trying to see everything would be too much. Therefore, if you can't enjoy a holiday of at least a week, the ideal thing to do is to focus on a specific area. 

There are endless options; the charm of the west coast with its mountainous villages mixed with its rocky coves of turquoise water, the southern area with its more city atmosphere combined with kilometres of beaches, the east coast, also known as the Llevant, is where we are going to organise the route for these three days of holidays, and the north of the island where, as well as enjoying dreamy sunsets, you will enjoy idyllic beaches in the purest Caribbean style.

Day 1: Cala d'Or

Cala d'Or is one of the most touristy areas of Mallorca. It belongs to Santanyí and is located on the east coast of the island. The eastern part of Mallorca stands out for its irregular coastline, its numerous unspoilt beaches and the mountainous area called Serra de Llevant. 

Cala d'Or has a very lively atmosphere, especially in the summer months. It preserves the original architecture of white houses that transport you to the atmosphere of Ibiza. 

Once in Cala d'Or, we recommend a stroll around its marina where, in addition to the boat maintenance services that are so typical of ports, you will find an infinite number of shops, bars and delicious restaurants. You will be able to choose the one that best suits your taste and at incredible prices.  

If you are more into spending the day at the beach, you will find fabulous coves in this area. Among them, we would like to highlight Cala Serena and Cala Ferrera. 

Cala Serena is somewhat small and practically virgin. It is ideal to go early in the morning to find the perfect spot. It is a cove protected from the wind thanks to its rocky ends. It is one of the favourite spots for adventurous divers. 

However, Cala Ferrera, despite being very close to Cala Serena, is much more frequented. This option is ideal if you are one of those who like to lie in a hammock to sunbathe and have a beach bar nearby. Yes, that's right, Cala Ferrera has these two important premises, so... We suppose that something must have an influence!

If you are passionate about Jazz, let us tell you that you are in the ideal place. Every June, the International Jazz Festival is held here, with the participation of great international bands and musicians.  

Day 2: Portocolom 

Portocolom is one of the most beautiful villages in Mallorca. It is a town, very close to our hotel by the way, which has the beauty, charm and magic of a fishing village. 

It has an ideal port for a great walk enjoying a sunny day and a good ice cream, why not?

In addition to the large fishing port, it has coves with crystal clear water, fishermen's houses with colourful façades in the pure Notting Hill style and its most characteristic place; the lighthouse on top of a cliff. 

If you finally decide to visit Portocolom, we recommend you to visit the old town, it won't take you long, but it will certainly not leave you indifferent. Here you will find the Sant Jaume square known as Es Riuetó and the Church of Madre de Dios del Carmen. 

Moreover, if you are a photography lover, Carrer de la Mar is the most photographed street in the town thanks to its most characteristic image; colourful houses distributed on one side of the street and the sea with the boats in front of it. Therefore, a stroll along this street is a must.

In Portocolom, as well as beautiful beaches with blue flags such as Cala Marsal, you will find an infinite gastronomic offer very close to the beach. In the port you will find many restaurants that are sure to suit your palate perfectly. 

To end the day in Portocolom, we recommend you climb Puig de Sant Salvador (also accessible on foot) to marvel at one of the best sunsets to contemplate the magic of the sunset. 

Day 3: Capdepera 

Capdepera is one of the least explored areas of the island, even by Mallorcans! And it is difficult to find the reason why, but if you visit it you will realise the great history that this beautiful Balearic village treasures.

Natural landscapes, medieval markets, churches, white sandy beaches, historical monuments... All this makes Capdepera worth dedicating a day of your holidays to. 

Its beaches include Cala Mesquida, one of the most beautiful in Mallorca and, on certain sunny days, you will be able to see Menorca in the distance. 

Another tourist attraction is Capdepera Castle, which served as a defence against pirate attacks from the sea in the 14th century. Although the entrance is not free, the entrance fee is not significant as it costs only 2 euros. 

On the other hand, the Medieval Market is another of those stops that are more than obligatory. When you're there you'll understand why. It is a stately market, very old, with a great tradition and a wide variety of stalls. 

In addition to the endless cultural offer, the great gastronomic offer does not go unnoticed. There are countless cafés, bars and restaurants serving traditional local food throughout the town.  

Hotels Mallorca 

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