Get to know the traditional flavour of the island thanks to the oldest and tastiest Mallorcan recipes you will ever taste.

If you are a fan of vegetables, Mallorcan gastronomy is one of the tastiest in Spain. It has dishes in which vegetables are the main ingredients.

Mallorca, apart from its undisputed surrounding landscape, has traditional dishes of the tastiest. If you are one of those who like to get into the culture and tradition of the places you visit, you will like to know that part of the Mallorcan culture enters through the mouth to the stomach.

These dishes vary in content according to the time of year, especially in vegetables, as it is advisable to use seasonal ingredients.

Read on and discover 6 typical Mallorcan dishes that you can't miss on your visit to Mallorca.


Frito Mallorquin

This is the typical dish that the Majorcan grandmother prepares when the whole family goes home to eat on a Sunday at noon.

It is one of the oldest recipes on Mallorca, which is why it is the first on the list.

Contains: Lamb roast, spring onions, red pepper, cauliflower, potatoes, garlic, oil, bay leaf, salt, pepper and fresh fennel.



Brut Arròs

In Castilian dirty rice. It is the perfect Mallorcan dish for rice lovers. This dish is usually put a lot in the events in which the menu is typical Mallorcan food.

Contains: Rice, meat, sausages, vegetables, spices and mushrooms.


Tumbet Balear

If you're not a big fan of meat, in Mallorca we have the Tumbet. A very Mediterranean dish that you can find on the menu of a Mallorcan restaurant near the sea.

Contains: Aubergines and legs as main ingredients and a homemade tomato sauce.


Coca de Trampó

As we have mentioned before, Mallorcan dishes use a lot of vegetables and this is one of those cases. Mallorcans usually carry whole trays of this delicious coca in their family events, as it is very easy to make and very good. If you are just visiting the island, you can find Trampó's coca in any bakery in the area.

Contains: Salted dough, red peppers, green peppers, tomatoes, onion, paprika, olive oil and salt.


Mallorcan Soup

Mallorcan soup is a dish that you have to try at least once in your life. Perfect for winter. This delicious soup, typical of Mallorcan gastronomy, is super easy to prepare. You will be able to find thousands of recipes on the internet if you dare to prepare it. If not, any typical Mallorcan restaurant will be on your menu.

Contains: Cabbage (main ingredient), onions, tomatoes, artichokes, asparagus, garlic, paprika, white pepper, oil, parsley and salt.



Pa amb Oli

A very classic but typical dish in Mallorca. It's impossible for anyone not to like it. It consists of a couple of pieces of toasted peasant's bread in which the popular bouquet tomato or the famous Ali Oli is rubbed. You can also add sausage such as ham or cheese, even sobrassada.


This dish is usually put as a starter when you go to a restaurant or as a main course if you want.

Contains: Country bread and sausage or Ali OLi.



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