The capital of Mallorca is a city full of charisma and atmosphere. But in Palma you will also find different historical monuments to visit.

The capital of Mallorca is a city full of charisma and atmosphere. But in Palma you will also find different historical monuments to visit. The history of this city goes back many years and thanks to them, in the streets of Palma, you will enjoy visiting unique places.

But that's not all. Palma is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca. Being close to the city, you can find all kinds of beaches. Both small Mallorcan coves and spectacular sandy beaches of fine golden sand.

Furthermore, in every corner of Palma you will find all kinds of restaurants. From Mallorcan gastronomy to all kinds of flavours from around the world. In Mallorca you will try restaurants that will undoubtedly fascinate you. From Italian to Mexican.

If you want to know everything about Palma de Mallorca: you are in the right place. We want to tell you all about this city so that you don't hesitate to come and visit it and end up falling in love with it. What's more, we have our Tomir Portals Portals just a few kilometres from the centre of Palma, where you will rest like never before.

What to visit in Palma de Mallorca

Just walking around Palma you will discover the different places in this city that you cannot miss. Starting with the main streets of Palma de Mallorca you will find Jaime III, ending in the beautiful Born. But if you go a little further you will also discover the beautiful promenade of Las Ramblas.

These areas are ideal for a day's shopping or to explore the local shops of Palma de Mallorca. But if you are wondering what to visit in Palma de Mallorca: we have it clear. There is one historical monument you cannot miss.

The Cathedral of Palma, also known as La Seu or the Basilica of Santa Maria is the main place you have to visit in Palma. It has features that make it unique. An example of this is its incredible rose window, which is the largest in Europe. But its proximity to the sea is also one of its most extraordinary features.

But the Arab Baths of Palma, the unique Bellver Castle or the different museums of Palma de Mallorca are places that will leave you speechless. Some of the best-known museums in Palma de Mallorca are Es Baluard and the Joan i Pilar Miró Foundation. They are home to some of the most spectacular works of art in Mallorca.

Beaches in Palma

Being an island, finding a beach in Majorca is very easy. All along the coast you will find all kinds of beaches. From spectacular sandy beaches to incredible rocky coves. But the best thing about the city of Palma is that from there you will find, just a few kilometres away, both types of beaches.

The beaches of Palma are very different from each other. From the centre of Palma, if you head south you will find sandy beaches with all kinds of services, such as Playa de Palma or Es Portixol.

On the other hand, if you head north along the coast, you will find beautiful rocky coves such as Punta Negra, but also golden sands and crystal clear waters such as the beach of Cala Major or the beach of Portals.

The good thing about the beaches near Palma is that whatever you are looking for, you will find it. Also, being so close to the motorway and the ring road, it will only take you a few minutes to get to other beaches near Palma, such as Santa Ponsa or Bendinat. Without a doubt, being close to this area is the perfect plan to get to know every corner of this beautiful city.

Where to eat in Palma

There are a variety of places to eat in Palma. In particular, there are very popular and busy areas where you will find many of Palma's best known restaurants. But the good thing about this city is that you will always find a different restaurant to suit what you are looking for.

An example of this is the area of Santa Catalina. These streets, located just a few metres from the port of Palma, are one of the most popular spots in Palma. In its streets you will find the ideal place to eat but also to have a cocktail or spend a fun afternoon.

Another ideal place to eat in Palma is Paseo Mallorca. Just a stone's throw from the largest torrent in Mallorca you will find a street full of restaurants. Most of them are Spanish restaurants, but you will also find Italian and other restaurants.

Finally, we would like to recommend Portixol. Just one kilometre from Palma you will find this beautiful coastal area. Here you will find all kinds of sun terraces and a beautiful promenade where you can relax. But you will also find popular Palma restaurants where you can taste unique and traditional Mallorcan dishes.

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