One of the most common options when choosing where to stay on the island is to choose one of the aparthotels in Majorca.

One of the most common options when choosing where to stay on the island is to choose one of the aparthotels in Majorca. It is a different way of enjoying peace and privacy during your holidays in Majorca. 

In Majorca there are many places to rest and many options where to stay during your trip. For this reason choosing the perfect place is complicated. Today we are going to tell you a little about Majorca and Cala d'Or, an incredible area of Majorca, very close to the sea. 

For this reason we will also recommend you an aparthotel where you can rest during your holidays in Majorca. It is located in Cala d'Or, and it is the ideal place to enjoy the good weather in Majorca. It is full of beautiful beaches and a unique atmosphere. 

So if all this interests you, don't hesitate to read on!

Flats in Majorca

Choosing an aparthotel in Majorca as a place to stay is a great idea. Flats in Majorca give you the privacy and tranquillity you need to relax in Majorca. 

Moreover, by choosing an aparthotel in Majorca you will have the option of having your own space and, at the same time, enjoying the common areas. In this way you will achieve peace and comfort. 

For all these reasons and many more, choosing a flat in Majorca when looking for accommodation is undoubtedly the ideal option. But if you do not know which flats in Majorca to choose, today we are going to recommend you one of the best aparthotels in Majorca


Majorca is a beautiful place where you can enjoy a unique holiday. The island is known for having the most spectacular beaches in the Mediterranean. Every year millions of people come to enjoy Majorca and all the different things to do in Majorca. 

Moreover, another of the island's advantages is the weather in Mallorca. Thanks to its Mediterranean climate, any time of the year is perfect to travel to Mallorca. The weather in Mallorca will allow you to enjoy many different things to do on the island. 

Stroll through the different villages of Majorca, discover the old town of Palma, enjoy a sunset by the sea or explore the beaches of Majorca. These are just some of the many different things you can do during your holidays in Majorca

But to start organising your trips to Majorca, you should start by choosing where to rest on the island. Of all the places to stay in Majorca, an aparthotel is the right choice if you are looking for privacy and to spend time with your loved ones. 

Cala D'Or

For many reasons today we come to recommend Cala D'Or as a place to stay in Mallorca. Of all the towns and places in Mallorca, Cala d'Or is one of those towns that always captivates all those who visit it. 

It may be because of its spectacular beaches. Near Cala d'Or you can find some of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca. From the beach of Cala Petita to the beach of Cala Serena. These beaches are beaches in the south of Mallorca and what makes them spectacular are their golden sands and crystal clear waters. 

But another thing that makes Cala d'Or so special is its atmosphere. Amongst the streets of Cala d'Or, apart from beaches and shops, you will also find many restaurants and pubs. For this reason the atmosphere of Cala d'Or is unique and perfect for dining and an unforgettable night out. 

Cala d'Or is very close to amazing places. For example, it is very close to Santanyí, a beautiful village well known for its art and for the weekly market of Santanyí. However, near Cala d'Or you can also visit places like the natural park of Mondragó.

Aparthotel in Cala d'Or

Among all the options to choose from among the aparthotels in Majorca, we recommend one of the aparthotels in Cala d'Or. The reasons? A lot of reasons. From having some of the best beaches in Majorca, to the comfort that a hotel offers you.

Cala d'Or is an ideal area for your trip to Majorca. Thanks to being close to the coast of Majorca you will be able to enjoy the beautiful beaches of the south of Majorca. Some of them are as well known as Es Trenc. 

For these reasons, if you are looking for an aparthotel in Majorca and you don't know where in Majorca you want to rest, our flats in Cala d'Or are the right hotel for you. It is an aparthotel known as OLA Apartamentos Cala d'Or. 

OLA Hotels

OLA Hotels has two hotels in Mallorca. One of them is OLA Apartamentos Cala d'Or. Here you will find all the comforts of a hotel, while you relax in our comfortable and bright flats. 

They are fully renovated flats and facilities. All of them are located in a large complex very close to shops and all kinds of bars and restaurants in Mallorca. Among the facilities you will enjoy a large swimming pool with solarium area, an outdoor bar and an extensive programme of entertainment and family activities. 

But OLA Cala d'Or has much more. Here you can enjoy renting a bike in Majorca and enjoy cycling in Majorca, one of the most popular activities in Majorca.

Depending on the number of people you come to enjoy OLA Cala d'Or with, you can choose between two different types of flats in Mallorca. One of the types of flats at OLA Cala d'Or is a beautiful studio apartment, while the other, slightly larger, are the flats.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to choose a hotel in Mallorca, OLA Hotels offers you the possibility of enjoying the Tomir Portals Hotel. It is located just a few kilometres from Palma and, at the same time, very close to some of Mallorca's beaches. 

Therefore, if you are organising your holidays in Majorca and you are looking for an aparthotel, do not hesitate to choose OLA Cala d'Or. While if you are looking for a beautiful hotel in Majorca, the perfect option is Tomir Portals Hotel.

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