One of the places where you can get to know the gastronomy and culture of Mallorca is through the best markets in Mallorca.

One of the places where you can get to know the gastronomy and culture of Mallorca is through the best markets in Mallorca. One of the most different plans you can make in Mallorca is to visit some of the best markets in Mallorca

Apart from the well-known beaches of Majorca, there are many villages and places to visit in Majorca. In all the towns of Mallorca, markets are held every week. In most of them a market is held every week, but in some of them it is also held twice a week. 

Today we come to recommend you some of the best markets in Mallorca. All of them, being located in beautiful villages of Mallorca, you will be able to find all kinds of things in their beautiful weekly markets of Mallorca.

So if you want to know the best markets of Mallorca during your vacations in Mallorca, do not hesitate to read this post and get to know them all. Here we go!

Santanyí Market

The Santanyí market, which is held every Wednesday and Sunday of the year, is undoubtedly one of the best markets in Mallorca. It may be because of its atmosphere or because of the number of stalls you will find in its streets, but without a doubt it enchants all those who visit it.

In the stalls of Santanyí market you will find everything you need. In them you can choose from beautiful jewelry or all kinds of clothing, accessories and decorative details. But you will also find vegetables, fruits and all kinds of Km0 products from Mallorca.

Another of the things you will find in the Santanyí market are the different handicrafts of Mallorca. One of the best known are the Mallorcan ceramics. They are ideal for decorating houses, tables or different rooms of the home. They are usually painted with the typical "llengües" of Mallorca. 

Finally, while strolling through the Santanyí market, one of the best markets in Mallorca, you will find artists who will delight you with their works. Both works of art in the form of paintings and murals, as well as artists singing in the different bars and restaurants of Santanyí. 

Sineu Market 

One of the most famous markets in Mallorca, is the market of Sineu, the reasons are many. This market of Majorca takes place every Wednesday of the year. It starts in the Plaza del Mercat de Sineu and goes through almost all the streets of Sineu

The vegetable and fruit area of this market is incredible. It has many little stalls of families who have been selling their fruits and vegetables of Km0 of Mallorca all their lives. This makes the food of this market undoubtedly delicious. 

But if anything is characteristic of the Sineu market, it is for its authenticity. In this Mallorcan market, you will find an area where the farmers sell and exchange animals. Pigs, hens, donkeys and even dogs. This makes it one of the best markets in Mallorca. 

In this market you can also find different areas where you can buy other trinkets. From clothes, to shoes, toys, jewelry and everything you are looking for! Without a doubt, you will find everything you are looking for and you can even find a souvenir of your vacations in Mallorca.

Pollensa Market

Another of the best markets in Mallorca is the Pollensa market. It takes place every Sunday from 8:00 to 13:30. To begin to know it, you will have to go to the Plaza Mayor of Pollensa and from there you will be able to find many stalls in the streets. 

The Pollensa market is also characterized by local quality products. The local farmers sell their own products for everyone to enjoy. From free range eggs to seasonal fruit and vegetables. 

Other things you can find in the Pollensa market are handicrafts, textiles, footwear and accessories. In them you will discover fabrics and typical articles of Mallorca, made and manufactured in the same island. 

But one of the advantages of visiting the market of Pollensa, is that you will be able to know and visit this beautiful town of Mallorca. You will stroll through its streets that you will undoubtedly love. And you will be able to know all those corners of Pollensa that make it one of the most special towns of Mallorca. 

Market of Artá

Another of the markets that you must visit during your vacations in Majorca is the market of Arta. What makes it one of the best markets of Majorca? Good question because there are so many things! This market takes place every Tuesday of the year from 9:00 to 14:00. 

Every Tuesday, Artá is full of people from all over the island and visitors who give it a unique atmosphere. The center of Artá is pedestrian, this provides that walking through its streets during one of the best markets of Mallorca is very pleasant. 

One of the most visited areas of the market of Artá is the covered enclosure in the Plaza del Conqueridor where the food products are located. In this place you will not only find vegetables and food, but also cheeses, sobrasadas and other typical Mallorcan food. 

You can also enjoy different bars and restaurants where you can taste typical Mallorcan food or simply sit down to rest and have a drink. After visiting the market of Artá, do not hesitate to visit the most characteristic places of this Mallorcan town, you will love it!

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