When organizing your holidays in Mallorca, it is interesting to know everything about the island and what characterizes it.

When organizing your holidays in Mallorca, it is interesting to know everything about the island and what characterizes it. In this case, we have already told you about the most emblematic places and historical monuments of Mallorca. That is why today we are going to introduce you to the typical food of Mallorca and all the Mallorcan dishes of the island. Tasting the native flavors of the island is a different way of getting to know Mallorca.

In Mallorca there are a variety of typical dishes. All the towns in Mallorca have special dishes. In addition, due to the age of Mallorcan recipes, the dishes tend to be cooked only in certain seasons of the year, depending on the local product available at each time of the year.

For this reason, today we are going to recommend you the typical food of Mallorca, which without a doubt you have to try during your holidays in Mallorca. We will start with two great acquaintances: the Mallorcan sobrasada and the sweet ensaimadas. But then we will recommend you other lesser known sweet and savory dishes from Mallorca, but worth trying.

Mallorcan sobrasada

In the markets of the towns of Mallorca, shops or supermarkets of Mallorca, you can find the well-known Mallorcan sobrasada. It is a common food in every house in Mallorca. In addition, many Majorcan families continue to make their own sobrasada at home every year. With their recipe, which is passed from generation to generation, they make their sobrasadas with unique flavors.

Mallorcan sobrasada is a cured raw pickled sausage. It is pork meat seasoned with different spices. As it needs time to cure, there are different types of sobrasada. Which are made to be able to eat it throughout the year.

The first type of sobrasadas that can be eaten are Mallorcan longanizas. Because they are the thinnest, they cure earlier. This gives time for the sobrasadas to ripen and have the flavor that characterizes them, but there are also other more special ones such as sobrasada bisbe, bufeta, poltrú or culana. All made with different parts of the pig.

Ensaimadas from Mallorca

Behind each ensaimada from Mallorca there is a process of much elaboration. Make the dough with the right amounts, knead for the indicated time and finish giving the characteristic shape to the ensaimada de Mallorca and baking it.

All this without taking into account the plain ensaimadas and not the stuffed ensaimadas. Because, although today the ensaimadas are filled with many things, the traditional thing is the angel hair ensaimadas and the cream ensaimadas. But those made of chocolate, apricot or cream are becoming more and more frequent.

Mallorca sweets

In Mallorca, depending on the time of year and the festivities, special dishes are made. Although there are some typical sweet dishes of Mallorca that are eaten at certain times of the year, there are others that are eaten throughout the year. The Mallorcan gató, for example, is eaten throughout the year and is a sponge cake made of almonds and without flour.

On the other hand, during Easter in Mallorca, sweets such as crespells, sweet cookies, are eaten. But they also eat robiols, which are sweet dumplings filled with angel hair, jams or cottage cheese.

Another typical Majorcan dish that is made throughout the year are the quarters. It is a very light cake that does not contain flour. It is usually made in small portions, but there is also the possibility of trying a Majorcan quarter coca, of a much larger size. In addition, for those with a sweet tooth, you can also find embetumats. These are Mallorcan quarters wrapped in meringue and some even with a thin layer of chocolate.

And then there are typical Majorcan sweets from each town. Two well-known are, on the one hand, cocas de patata. A unique product from Valldemossa, with a secret recipe. It is a round cake with a very peculiar flavor. And another very typical of Lloseta is the Cardinal of Lloseta. In the center of the island you can find the real Cardinal of Lloseta. It is a sponge cake filled with meringue and whipped cream, perfect to end an evening with a sweet touch.

Typical salty dishes of Mallorca

Apart from sobrasada, there are many other typical Majorcan savory dishes. The wild card for all Majorcans is the pamboli. For breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is Mallorcan bread, known as brown bread, with ramallet tomatoes, native to the island, oil and salt. After that you can accompany it with the sausage that you like the most.

A very common salad on the island is the trampó. It consists of white onion, tomato and green pepper cut into small squares. It can be mixed with legumes or make a delicious coca de trampó, which although it sounds sweet, is salty.

And as typical salty dishes of Mallorca in winter we have brut rice. Its name is not very commercial, it does not mean that it is a delicious dish. With vegetables, meat and rice, a Mallorcan broth rice is made with certain spices that give it a very characteristic flavor.

Another well-known dish is the Mallorcan fried. Even with that name, it is not a fried dish. It is a typical Mallorcan dish with lamb, potato and other vegetables, all diced and seasoned with different spices.

And finally we recommend the tumbet. It is a mix between parmigiana and musaka. Layering potatoes, zucchini and aubergines and complemented with tomato sauce and red peppers. It certainly has a unique flavor.

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