All the villages in Mallorca are different and have characteristics that make them all have something special

Mallorca has around 36 villages. All the villages in Mallorca are different and have characteristics that make them all have something special. The diversity between them can be observed. We could classify the villages in 3 categories, such as coastal villages, villages in the Serra de Tramuntana and villages in the centre of the island of Mallorca. 

In this guide you will find some of the most emblematic villages of Mallorca. There is no doubt that all the villages of Mallorca are worth visiting, but for some reason the ones mentioned in this post deserve a mandatory stop. 


Calviá is a town located in the western part of Mallorca. It has a wide extension and within it we find very well known localities. Santa Ponsa, Magaluf and Portals are located within the municipality of Calvia. These three localities are well known for their magnificent beaches and their exceptional location. As well as for their leisure and busy streets during all hours of the day. 

Calviá is only a few kilometres away from Palma de Mallorca. Here you can find a variety of places to visit. The Ermita de Portals or the well-known Puerto Portals are some of the obligatory places to stroll around and get to know Calvia

Due to its location, Calviá is also known for its sunsets. From this locality you can enjoy an incomparable sunset. It is a town where you can find a number of viewpoints from where you can see how the sun melts into the horizon. 


Valldemossa is one of the best-known villages in Mallorca. It is located in a valley in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range and this gives it a special charm. Its stone streets and the flowers that adorn them make your walk through its streets magical. 

This Mallorcan town also has a variety of monuments that will interest you. The Valldemossa Charterhouse is a must-see. This palace, which was built for King Sancho I to live in, ended up being Frederic Chopin's home for a whole winter. It was here that he wrote several of his marvellous works. In turn, next to the Valldemosa Charterhouse, you will find Mediterranean gardens that will allow you to get to know all the native plants of the Serra de Tramuntana

This village also has a very special sweet. For more than 100 years, a large number of "cocas de patata" (potato cakes) have been produced here every day. This is a type of sponge cake, for which the recipe is unknown, but which is simply delicious. You will definitely have to try it to understand it.


Santanyí is a village in the south of Mallorca. It is a village with a special charm. Far from the Serra de Tramuntana but close to the best coves of Mallorca, this village is one of the most beautiful in Mallorca.

The Santanyí market is one of the reasons to visit this Mallorcan village. Throughout the year, twice a week, a special atmosphere is created in the streets of Santanyí. This is due to its market, one of the largest in Mallorca. Here you can find Mallorcan products, k0 vegetables, typical Mallorcan ceramics and a wide variety of fashion that you are sure to love. 

As for historical monuments to visit in Santanyí we can find a great variety. Among the best known is the wall of Santanyí that surrounds the entire old town of this Mallorcan village. Even though a large part of it has been removed to enlarge the town, you can still find parts of the wall along its streets. The gates that allowed you to cross the wall are still intact and can be found at various points in Santanyí

Santanyí is also known for its art galleries. It is a small town but with a lot of knowledge about art. The art galleries are popular, but the artists singing in the streets will also accompany you on your visit to Santanyí.


Llucmajor is a town located in the south of Mallorca. It has coastal towns such as Cala Pi, S'Estanyol and El Arenal. In these localities we can find different coves and beaches, but, without a doubt, all of them are spectacular. 

In Llucmajor you can also find places to visit that will leave you speechless. The sanctuary of Cura is a place at the top of the puig de Randa, a small mountain in the centre of the island of Mallorca. From it you will have a panoramic view of Mallorca. And it is known for being the place where Ramon Llull retired. 

Right next to the sea, among the cliffs found in this area, you will also find the Cabo Blanco lighthouse. It is one of the best-known lighthouses in Mallorca, due to its magnificent position. The beauty and nature that surround it make it an incomparable place. Around the Cabo Blanco lighthouse you can also find watchtowers. These are towers from which Mallorca was guarded and protected from pirates. They date back to 1584 and were used until the end of the Spanish Civil War. 

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