Llucmajor is a coastal town located in the southeast of Mallorca, and is one of the best known places on the island thanks to its enormous tourist offer.

Mallorca is full of wonderful places where you can enjoy an incredible holiday. It doesn't matter if you like the mountains or the sea, on this island you will find the perfect place to spend your holidays. All the towns of Mallorca have their own charm, but today we want to show you all the secrets of Llucmajor. Llucmajor is a coastal town located in the southeast of Mallorca, and it is one of the best known places on the island thanks to its enormous tourist offer. 

Beaches of Llucmajor

In Llucmajor you can enjoy the most famous beaches of Mallorca. This municipality has 47 kilometres of coastline, so finding the perfect beach for you will be a piece of cake.  It doesn't matter if you want a central beach with bars and restaurants around, or a small hidden cove. The number of beaches in Llucmajor that you can visit on your holiday is so high that a single visit to Mallorca will not be enough.  Although all the beaches of Llucmajor have their charm and are worth visiting, we would like to recommend three Llucmajor beaches that are a must on your holiday. These three beaches are some of the best known in Llucmajor and they are all different from each other, so we recommend that you read carefully and choose which one you are going to visit first. Because we know that in the end you will take a dip in all of them. 

The Arenal

El Arenal is one of the most famous beaches of Llucmajor, since it has a great tourist offer around it.  In El Arenal you will find everything you want: bars, restaurants, discos, hammock services... Everything is at your disposal! This beach of more than 4 kilometres is the perfect place to relax before enjoying a delicious cocktail on a terrace. Although if you are travelling with your family it is a great idea to spend an afternoon in the Arenal, as it has a wide shore that is perfect for the little ones to play and have fun. However, if you don't feel like lying in the sun, you can enjoy walking along the fantastic seafront promenade. You will find plenty of shops where you can indulge yourself.

Cala Pi

This beach is, without a doubt, one of the greatest treasures you will find among the beaches of Llucmajor.  Cala Pi is situated between two rock walls about 20 metres high, which make the sensation of tranquillity and solitude incredible. Although you don't have to worry, you won't have to get off a wall to reach this fantastic place, as it can be easily accessed by a staircase. The crystal clear waters of this beach are the perfect place to relax and unwind during your holiday. Cala Pi is one of the most beautiful beaches of Llucmajor, so it is the perfect place to fill your Instagram with incredible photos. 

Cala Blava

Cala Blava is the perfect place for the more adventurous, since you will find an infinite number of rocky coves in this area. This is why taking your backpack and starting to explore in search of the perfect place to rest and take a refreshing bath is a great option. Being a rocky area, Cala Blava has a spectacular sea bed that will amaze you.

Llucmajor Restaurants

In Llucmajor you will find an infinite number of restaurants where you can taste the most delicious dishes you can imagine. It doesn't matter if you like sushi or you want to try typical Majorcan food, in Llucmajor restaurants you will find the perfect place for you.  

Thanks to the fabulous surroundings of Llucmajor you will find many restaurants with terraces, perfect places to recharge your batteries while enjoying the views. In addition, many of these places are specialized in the preparation of cocktails and offer ambient music. So you can enjoy the sunset in an idyllic setting. 

Thanks to the fact that Llucmajor is a coastal town, there are many Llucmajor restaurants where you can enjoy the incredible delights of the Mediterranean Sea. Come to the most famous Llucmajor restaurants and let yourself be surprised by an incredible gastronomic experience. But if fish is not your thing, you don't have to worry, as Mallorca produces all kinds of high quality ingredients that are the basis of the most traditional food. In Llucmajor restaurants you can also enjoy the typical Mallorcan cuisine, which stands out for following the guidelines of the Mediterranean diet. That is why if you are a lover of good food you cannot miss all the delights that Llucmajor restaurants have prepared for you.

The weather in Mallorca

Mallorca is located in the Mediterranean Sea, just east of the Iberian Peninsula. This exceptional location makes the weather in Mallorca one of the most pleasant in Spain, with approximately 300 days of sunshine a year. No matter when you want to visit, you are sure to find a great climate. These fantastic weather conditions are partly thanks to the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range which acts as a shield and protects Mallorca from the weather.

Because the weather in Mallorca is so fantastic, the island is the perfect place for outdoor sports lovers. One of the most famous of these outdoor sports is cycling, as more and more visitors are looking for a holiday focused on this sport. The great success of cycling in Mallorca is due to the sum of three factors, on the one hand the weather in Mallorca, which we have already discussed. On the other hand the incredible orography of Mallorca, which brings together many cycling routes for all levels in a small area. The last and perhaps most important factor is that the island has an infinite number of spectacular spots that are worth visiting. 

Ola Hotels

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