An excellent way to get to know the most beautiful corners of the island is to go on one of the most renowned Mallorca excursions.

Mallorca is an incredible place to visit for many reasons: a spectacular tourist offer, an excellent climate or an unbeatable atmosphere are just some of them. But if there is one thing that stands out above all its virtues, it is that it has natural surroundings that will leave you breathless. Whether you are looking for coves with crystal-clear waters or prefer the mountains, Mallorca will not disappoint you.

An excellent way to get to know the most beautiful corners of the island is to go on one of the most renowned Mallorca excursions. No matter what level you are, or how you want to go about it, you will surely find the perfect Mallorca excursions for you. Mallorca is perfectly prepared for any kind of excursion: The paths and forest tracks are well cared for and everything is perfectly signposted so that you don't get lost. So you can discover this wonderful island at your own pace and without any worries.

There are many ways to go on excursions in Mallorca and you are the one who decides how and when to do it. You can opt for the classic hiking routes, which are always a fun and comfortable option for the whole family. However, if you are in the mood for something different, you can choose to discover all the hidden corners of the island on horseback or by bicycle. 

But if this is not enough for you, you will also find excursions in Mallorca designed for lovers of strong emotions. In Mallorca there are many ravines and streams that are the perfect place for lovers of adrenaline to get to know the island in their own way. These excursions in Mallorca are perfect to do in the rainy season, when the torrents are full of water.

Hiking Mallorca

If your thing is to walk along long routes surrounded by nature, you are in luck, because hiking in Mallorca is one of the most popular activities on the island.   The Balearic government is aware of the enormous natural wealth of the island and encourages hiking activities in Mallorca. That's why many of the most popular hikes are clearly marked with milestones or signs and the paths are clean and well maintained. Thanks to the good condition of the hiking routes, hiking in Mallorca is easy and an incredible experience. 

There are countless hiking routes where you can go on excursions in Mallorca. No matter what level you are, you are sure to find something that suits you. If you would like a simple family walk, you can choose a route without much gradient and with wide forest tracks. Here are some examples:

Sa Gubia

Sa Gubia is a 616m high mountain crowned by the spectacular viewpoint of Leandro Ximelis. It is situated very close to Sóller, making it an ideal choice before enjoying a delicious meal in the wonderful restaurants of Puerto de Sóller. Sa Gubia is located within the estate of s'Alqueria d'Avall which is a private property, so it is of vital importance to be respectful and to comply with the rules and timetables established by the property. The excursion runs along a wide forest track that goes up very gradually. Despite the fact that the mountain has a considerable height, the climb is very gentle, which makes the excursion perfect for the whole family.

Camí des Correu

This is one of the most famous routes in Mallorca. It runs between Esporles and Banyalbufar, which are two of the most charming villages in Mallorca. The path that follows this excursion is dated 1401 and its name is due to the fact that it was the path that was used to transport the mail between both villages. The Camí des Correu runs along stone paths covered by the shade of the trees on either side. It is a very simple excursion and recommended for the whole family, although the state of the road makes it impossible to walk it with a pram. Unlike many other routes the Camí des Correu is not circular so you will have to retrace your steps to return to the starting point. However, you can also choose to use public transport which will drop you off right at the start of the excursion. 

Ses Fonts Ufanes

Ses Fonts Ufanes are one of the most spectacular natural phenomena of Mallorca and a must for all nature lovers visiting the island. It is a natural spring that springs up after heavy rains, making it the perfect place to visit when the weather is not good. To get to the impressive Fonts Ufanes you have to take a very simple 20 minute excursion which is recommended for the whole family. The only disadvantage is that, due to its popularity, finding a parking space is quite complicated. Ses Fonts Ufanes are located in the municipality of Campanet and there is a stipulated timetable for visiting them, every day of the year between 10:00 and 17:00.

Serra de Tramuntana

The Serra de Tramuntana is one of the major attractions of Mallorca, and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the category of Natural Landscape. Situated in the northwest of Mallorca, this mountain range extends for about 90 km with a maximum width of 15 km. Thanks to the enormous extension of the Serra de Tramuntana, it is the perfect place for some of the most spectacular excursions in Mallorca. Among the mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana you will find an infinite number of routes with different durations and difficulties so that you can adapt your route to your abilities and interests. Whether you want to climb one of the imposing mountains that make up the Serra de Tramuntana or take a peaceful walk to a hidden cove, in the Serra de Tramuntana you will find what you are looking for. 

In the Serra de Tramuntana is located the highest mountain of Mallorca, Es Puig Major. This mountain reaches an altitude of 1445 metres and its peak is defined as a military zone, so you will need a permit to climb it. Although on the side of this imposing mountain you will find several equally spectacular excursions.

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