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What is Cycle Tourism?

You may not know this term yet, but it is a recreational but non-competitive activity that manages to combine tourism and physical activity.

Anyone who decides to do this type of tourism does it for pleasure, because the bicycle is lived or not lived. The important thing is to know how and where to go. The kilometres that have to be done, in this case, has no importance.

For cyclists, getting on the bike and going out to explore is not the first point. Not at all. This activity starts earlier, before the first pedal. The clicloturist prepares the itineraries, studies the maps to perfection, absorbs information about the place and its points of interest, also takes into account where to eat and sleep if you are thinking of doing a route of several days.


Cycling in Mallorca.

Mallorca has been the focus of bicycle lovers for many years. Its large number of routes combining coast, road and mountain make it its favourite destination. Perhaps it also has to do with the fact that 6 of the 10 best cycling routes in Spain are on the island.

We also have "Mallorca 312", a cycling event for people who want to face a physical and mental challenge where you have to travel 312 kilometers around the island. If you don't see yourself prepared enough yet, you can do "Mallorca 225" or "Mallorca 167" if you are just starting out. Both with 225 kilometres and 167 kilometres respectively.

The almost 300 days of sunshine and warm temperatures are a plus when choosing Mallorca as a holiday destination.  If you are thinking about when to take your holidays to come, we advise you to come in spring or autumn, the temperatures are milder, you will not suffer the heat of the suffocating summer, or winter rains.


Bicycle routes in Mallorca.

As we said before, Mallorca has a lot of routes. Exactly 1,200 kilometres of roads and 700 of them are secondary roads, perfect for training and cycling.  On these routes you can reach castles, monasteries and lighthouses that will make you discover the history of Mallorca.

Here you have some of the most popular routes of the island:

Cap de Formentor - Only 20 km from Port de Pollença, in the north of Mallorca, we find the Cap de Formentor lighthouse. From there you will be able to see one of the most spectacular views of the Mallorcan coast.

In addition, the ban on traffic during the month of July and August from 10:00h to 19:00h makes it the safest route for cycling in summer.

Carretera Costera de la Sierra de Tramuntana - This route is for an advanced level. A 110 km route that goes from the west coast to Andratx, passing through some of the most beautiful villages such as Sóller, Deià, Banyalbufar and Estellencs among others. This route also has an ascent of 2,520 metres and crosses Puig Major (the highest point on Mallorca).


Cycling at Ola Hotels

At Ola Hotels we bet on tourism on wheels. We have services such as cycling center, parking for bicycles and bicycle rental. We also have the seal of collaboration with Cycling Friendly to make the experience easier. We prepare the best routes so that you only have to enjoy the incredible mountain and coastal landscapes that Mallorca has to offer.

Stay in our hotels and apartments Ola Hotels to enjoy the best holidays on wheels in Mallorca.

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