For the children, there are several attractions and activities, so they can have an excellent day

Mallorca is an island with a lot of charm and great places to visit. Family trips are the best, they are full of laughter and wonderful moments. 

That is why, if you travel with the little ones of the house, you can think about what to do in Mallorca with children.

One of the particularities of this paradise is the infinite places and the variety of landscapes it offers to its visitors.  

Moreover, for children, there are several attractions and activities, so that they can have an excellent day. The ideal holiday for your family is in Mallorca. 

Visit the Soller train

Can you imagine taking a walk along one of the oldest roads in Mallorca? Recreate a whole history with your little ones. 

At the same time as you share it with your children, you can be surprised by the landscapes of the area. Likewise, this train goes from the city of Palma to Soller. 

Another attraction you can enjoy is a visit to the tram that will take you to the port of Soller. This tour of the town will be very profitable for you and your family.  

Jungle Parc Junior 

A world full of fun and games, you will find it in Jungle Parc Junior. This park specializes in acrobatic attractions. 

In this sense, it gives children, aged between 4 and 12, the opportunity to go through several circuits in the park. 

Locating this attraction is very simple, it is located in Bendinat and to get there, you only need to take a bus. This transport will leave you a few meters away.

The park also has 50 circuits of different difficulties, ranging from level 1 to level 6.

Each circuit is divided by the distance the child has to travel. Thus, there are those of 2, 3, 5 and 6 meters in length. 

An important piece of information is that all the platforms are safe for children. You can rest assured! Your child will be able to move from one place to another without any problem. There is no doubt that you should visit this attraction when you are planning a holiday in Mallorca. 

Palma Aquarium

A fun under the sea, you will find it a unique experience. Literally your children will be underwater, if you decide to visit this park.

Every day, the doors of this park are open to all its visitors. Likewise, they have flexible schedules so that the whole family can attend this marine spectacle. 

How to get to the park? You can get there by private car, bus or bicycle. A quick access is through the Ma-19 highway.

Also, inside the aquarium, you can have fun with some of its activities, among which are

- AquaDome. An attraction to visualize the largest marine animals in the world.

- Animation. Throughout the park, there are staff members in charge of making your visit more enjoyable. They have face painters, pets and more.

- Snorkeling. This activity is aimed at the youngest members of the family. If your child is 3 years old, he or she can swim in the shallower areas of the aquarium. This is very entertaining, because they learn from the environment and develop great confidence. 

- Diving with sharks. This is for the more adventurous. During this experience they can dive with a total of 11 sharks. 

Here you can not only enjoy guided tours. If you are thinking of holding an event, you can do it at the aquarium facilities. 

Route through the caves

Exploring the caves is an experience that your children will thank you for forever. Luckily, there are several very famous caves in Mallorca. You can visit them at any time of the year. Some of the most visited ones are:

- Genova Cave. This cave is 35 metres deep. However, it is one of the smallest. You can enjoy the stalagmites that are inside. 

- Drach Cave. Inside this cave, you can find other underground caves and the largest river in Europe. In addition, you can enjoy boats sailing on the majestic river. 

- Cave of Campanet. This cave is different from the previous ones, because you will not hear any noise, the only thing you will see, are spectacular rock formations. Also, in the surroundings, there are cafeterias where you can taste a fabulous coffee. 

This walk is sure to delight the little ones. Don't forget to bring a camera, so you can capture all the special moments. 

Walking on the beaches

The beaches had to be on this list, and how could they not be? If it's beaches with clear water and white sand. 

In Mallorca you will enjoy a great variety of beaches. You will have many coasts to visit with the children. 

A very pleasant option is to visit the Muro beach. The waves on this beach are gentle and there is a watchtower at all times of the day, ideal for the family. Other alternatives, are the beach of the magician, the beach of the rei, among others. 

Not only can you walk and swim on the beach, you can take small boats and tour the entire coast. Besides, the gastronomy is varied and fabulous.

Karting magaluf

Children enjoy driving a kart and in Mallorca, there are structures specialized in this service. Karting magaluf has several circuits and activities for the family. 

If it is your child's first time driving a go-kart, there is a driving school available. 

It is also an attractive place to celebrate a birthday or other type of event. In relation to the schedules, they open every day from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. 

Where can I find accommodation in Mallorca?

We have recommended many interesting places for you to visit with your family. However, we have not told you where to stay during your holidays in Mallorca.

Of course, you have to stay in a comfortable place and near the places of interest you have in your agenda. 

In this sense, the hotel chain Ola Hotels, offers you modern and quiet facilities. Besides, the 5 hotels are located in strategic areas. 

Also, you have several rate options. Some of them include food and drinks.  If you want to stay in a cool and luxurious place, do not hesitate to choose Ola Hotels. 

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