We propose you, the 5 best plans to do in Calvià in times of little heat.

Ola Hotels offers you a variety of entertaining and unforgettable accommodations in Calvià.  This is why it is the most important tourist town in Mallorca.  

With landscapes of contrasts, from the Serra de Tramuntana, to beautiful and wonderful beaches, where you will be able to make magnificent plans. 

Its peculiar multicultural style originated by the immigrants, who have historically inhabited Calvià, has allowed it to be a very outstanding city.

In it, a great harmony is observed, with places of interest that denote the Majorcan customs and traditions. In addition, it has a variety of facilities, distributed by the different population centres.

To allow its visitors to explore its culture, there are countless activities you can do here. That is why we propose you, the 5 best plans to do in Calvià in times of little heat.

1. The Walk of Calvià

Also known as the Green Lung of Calvià, has a route of 32 km and its peculiarity is pedestrian traffic.

You will be able to contemplate and enjoy a varied theme, where the different styles of its Calvian history are expressed, through the architecture and ornaments that characterize it. 

This attractive walk goes through the most important places of Calvià, among them the coast, its beaches and the small coves. 

You will find rest and support areas for the traveller, as well as places for gymnastics, outdoor games and magnificent wooded areas.

2. The Tumulus of San Ferrer

This prehistoric site has the particularity that it immediately captures the visitor, as it represents a historical heritage of more than 2,000 years.

It is also admirable, its state of conservation and its talayotic architecture of staggered appearance, organized from a massive and elevated structure,

built from different lines of concentric walls. 

From the magnificent accommodations of the Ola Hotels chain, don't forget to include this destination of great interest and distraction in your holiday plans for Calvià.

3. Calvià Village

The village of Calvià is an ideal destination to include in the autumn. 

If you are one of those who likes to walk, you should include this magnificent village in your travel diary. Here you will discover the beauties of the typical architecture of this area of Mallorca.

The church is located on a former Muslim farm and ideally you should plan your visit on a Monday to coincide with the weekly market.

4. The Landing Cross

This is an allegorical monument to the disembarkation and conquest of Mallorca by James I. Located in the Caleta de Santa Ponsa, it was erected to commemorate the 700th anniversary of this historic event.

It was made by Tomás Vila Mayol, an outstanding sculpture artist from Mallorca, and it features reliefs showing various scenes.

From the storms at sea to the descent of the ship, as well as magnificent details of the main battles.

The place is honoured with privileged views of Santa Ponsa, which is why we recommend that you visit it at sunset. This scene will delight you and will become one of your favorite memories.

5. Galilee and Coll de Tors

If you are a bicycle enthusiast and would like to take one of the magnificent cycle routes that Calvià has to offer, include the climb up to Galilea and Coll de Tors. 

This short route, which is 54 kilometres long and 880 metres high, must be started from Santa Ponsa.  You will walk through beautiful dense forests and observe fabulous landscapes.

In Ola Hotels accommodation, you will enjoy a variety of activities that, when added to the ones we present here, will turn a simple holiday into an unsurpassable experience and will form part of your most unforgettable memories.

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