Budget planning is a very important, though not the most enjoyable part of a trip.

Mallorca is an island that delights every visitor. It offers the best beaches, clubs, villages, mountains and gastronomy of all Spain. 

All this makes Mallorca an excellent holiday option. You can go to the largest island in the Balearic Islands, with a travel agency or book yourself, the favorite place to stay.

Budget planning is a very important, though not the most enjoyable part of a trip. Flights to Mallorca are plentiful, but you must hurry to get the best deals.

Buy tickets for flights to Mallorca

By surfing the Internet, you may be able to find an attractive offer on flights to Mallorca. By searching for connections, you get a more affordable price and you can also check the flights offered by the various travel agencies. 

Prices usually go up around the weekend, so buy tickets at the beginning of the week. 

Before buying tickets for flights to Mallorca, think about whether you need checked baggage, as many times, hand luggage is enough, for a short holiday in Mallorca.

You can easily pack your summer clothes in a small suitcase and save some money.

We recommend you to buy plane tickets to Mallorca and book a room at the hotel chain Ola Hotels. This way you will enjoy a perfect and cheap holiday.

How to get to Mallorca

You can get to Mallorca by 2 means of transport: air and water. Of course, the most common and convenient option is a direct flight to Mallorca. 

As for water travel, the main port is on the island of Palma, where ships arrive daily from different parts of Spain.

This is very convenient, for tourists who spend most of their time on the mainland.

For example, in Barcelona or Valencia and leave on weekends. On the island of Palma you can move by bus, car or train.

The capital of the island of Palma, has an international airport, from which flights depart from Europe every half hour and where also, many others land with great frequency. 

Go to Mallorca by plane 

Choose the best flight to Mallorca and a popular resort in Spain, with the hotel chain Ola Hotels. 

Select the same dates for a travel package, flight and hotel reservation. You can get from the airport to the hotel by taxi, bus or request a transfer.

The main and only airport on the island, called Son Sant Joan International Airport, is located 8 km from the capital of Mallorca.

This is where internal and external flights arrive. The airport is very well connected with several European countries.

The most affordable prices for plane tickets are usually offered on various websites. 

Please note that airlines organize promotions several times a month, so you can buy tickets at a good discount.

The prices of the ready trips (flights, transfers, accommodation and insurance) can be found on travel agency websites.

But what you must remember is that the hotel chain Ola Hotels, is the best choice of accommodation in Mallorca.

Choose the best accommodation in Mallorca

In Mallorca you will find many places to stay. In addition to hotels and apartments, you can also rent a house. 

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All you have to do is choose the best room that suits your style of rest and start enjoying your holidays in Mallorca.

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