Discover one of the largest Mallorcan towns on the island. Come and spend your holidays in Llucmajor.

The Llucmajor area borders the towns of Palma, Algaida, Montuiri, Porreras and Campos, as well as being very close to the main tourist centres in the area: El Arenal, Cala Brava and Cala Pi.

Llucmajor has a great historical weight in Mallorca, as it was there that the battle between James II of Mallorca and Peter IV of Aragon was fought, which resulted in the independence of Mallorca.

With a warm climate typical of the Balearic Islands, it is a perfect place to spend a holiday while taking a dip in the swimming pool or discovering the different beaches and coves in the vicinity of the municipality.


What to see in Llucmajor

Llucmajor has several points of interest to visit, either in the municipality itself or in its surroundings.

You can visit the weekly market that takes place every Sunday of the year, where you can walk around and buy typical Mallorcan handmade products or delicious vegetables and fruit.

There are also Plaza de España and Plaça des Sabaters. In the first one we will find the meeting point of all the inhabitants of the locality. Here you will find various cafeterias where you can have a refreshing drink while the children play in the square, as well as other shops such as clothing or souvenir shops.

The origin of the name of the Plaza des Sabaters (Zapatero Square), comes from the trade that predominated in Llucmajor until the 70s. Most of its inhabitants lived from the world of footwear and that is why they decided to build a monument in honor of the shoemakers and place it in the middle of the square.

At a more cultural level is the Talayotic site of Capocorb Vell. This archaeological site of a prehistoric settlement is one of the largest and most impressive on Mallorca. It belongs to the Talayotic culture, and in it, different talayots can be seen in a very good state of conservation, some of them reaching up to seven metres in height.

To end this part we recommend you visit the defense towers that are located along the entire coast of the municipality. At the moment they are in very good state of conservation and become perfect natural viewpoints from where to see stupendous panoramic of the surroundings or to enjoy a spectacular sunset.


Beaches and coves                                          

The Arenal of Llucmajor

The beach of El Arenal is divided into two parts. The one belonging to the zone of Palma and the one belonging to the zone of Llucmajor. It has a length of 210 meters and is quite popular for the proximity of urban centers.

It is composed of white sand and its waters are calm and blue, where children can play without problem.

It offers showers, toilets, sunshades and hammocks for rent.

Cala Pi

This small paradisiacal cove is located in a protected area and bears its name due to the pines that surround the cove and the torrent that flows into its waters. It is made up of white sand and is barely 45 metres long.

Other coves

Due to its proximity to the municipality of Llucmajor, you can also go sunbathing in the coves of Cala Brava, Cala Vella, Cala Beltrán or Caló en Timo. All these coves are beautiful and worth visiting during your holiday on Mallorca.


Where to Sleep in Llucmajor

If you are planning to spend your holidays in Mallorca and specifically in the town of Llucmajor, we recommend that you stay in Ola Maioris, located in the area of Puig d'en Ros.

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